Video Issues

What are some popular video players?

Click the links below to install a video player.

How can I improve playback or performance?

Here are a few tips:

  • Many issues with video playback can be solved by closing all other browser tabs and windows and/or clearing your web browser’s cache and cookies by holding down the shift button and reloading the page. In Google Chrome you can hit F5.
  • For intermittent or choppy playback, pause the video and allow it to buffer for a few minutes before resuming, or consider switching to another browser.
  • For wireless connectivity to the internet, verify the connection is stable. If your connection is poor, consider obtaining a better connection or establish a wired connection. To check internet connectivity, try SpeakEasy speed test.
  • Ensure the latest version of Flash is installed and running on your computer, or use an HTML5 browser.
  • View the FAQs for video playback with Vimeo.

How do I download videos?

  • Not all videos in Medtronic Academy are available for download. 
  • To download a video look for the download icon and click.

Related Content Downloads

  • If a video is listed within a page’s “Related Content,” look for the quick download icon to immediately initiate a file download. If no download icon appears, then the video is not downloadable from the website. 
Last updated: 
07 Feb 2020