Solve the Unknown Tracing: NOV 2018 - Season 2 | Tracing 4

This educational series allows you to analyze a set of cardiac tracings and answer a question posed by Dr. Prystowsky PRIOR to viewing his video explanation and answer.

QUESTION: What best describes the finding in the figure?

  1. An AP is part of the tachycardia circuit
  2. A septal/right sided AP is present
  3. A left sided AP is present
  4. An AP is present

Once you've made your selection scroll down for the correct answer.

The 2018-19 Series of Unknown Tracings are presented in partnership of HRS and EP on EP.

To enlarge the tracing, click or tap on the image. Smartphone users can expand the tracing image by rotating their screen.


ANSWER: Watch the short video below for Dr. Eric Prystowsky's answer.

5 min, 28 sec


Last updated: 
09 Nov 2018