Searching for Content

Search Options and Functionality:

A search box is located in the upper right hand corner of all pages on Medtronic Academy.  Enter your desired keyword to view available results.  If you would like to browse the site content and filter available topics, click the SEARCH link at the top of any page.

After entering a keyword, the search catalog will appear with the total results for that keyword in the upper right and the individual number of content types displayed in the Content Type menu on the left side of the page.

Refining Your Search

  1. Content Type – Use the checkboxes to narrow your search results by content type.
  2. Sort by – Choose the order in which your search results display.
  3. More search filters – Refine your search even more with additional filters available under Products & Therapies, Continuing Education, Subject, Collection and Language
  4. FILTERED BY: – Remove filters by tapping or clicking on a search term, or select "Clear all" to start over.
  5. Sort by "New" and "Featured" content – Locate new and featured content by green flags in the upper right of the search result image.
  6. Page display - Toggle your search views by block or list sort by clicking the appropriate icon in the right hand corner of the page.

Note: The majority of content on Medtronic Academy is behind login. Please register and/or login to view search results. 

Last updated: 
07 Feb 2020