Medtronic Academy Personal Data Retention Policy


The retention of your personal data in Medtronic Academy allows you to fully benefit from resources contained on the site. This retention policy explains how and why Medtronic Academy retains your personal data and includes information on why we retain your personal data and what happens to your personal data when it is no longer required.

This policy applies to your personal profile information, course completions, status of coursework, course activity, private pages, bookmarked pages, and website activity (the history of what web pages you visited on Medtronic Academy).

If you are interested in understanding further how we use your personal data for our business purposes, please refer to Medtronic Academy's Privacy Notice.


The Medtronic Global Records and Information Management policy requires that your training records and any related personal information be retained by Medtronic Academy for a period of 15 years

For courses offering continuing education credits, the accrediting bodies require us to retain record of your earned credits for a minimum of four years. However, as these pertain to your training records as per the paragraph above, your continuing education credits will remain as part of your personal record for the duration of the 15 years.

The Medtronic Academy team will perform a yearly review of user personal data to ensure compliance with the above-mentioned retention policies.

If you have questions about our use of your personal information or wish to request the deletion of your personal data, please contact us using one of the following methods based on your geography:

Note: If any of the following are true, your data may be retained for longer than our retention period.

  • Medtronic Academy is in the process of determining whether the retention period criteria has been achieved
  • A legal basis exists for processing your personal data
  • The data is used for ongoing scientific or historical research or statistical purposes for which appropriate legal basis is in place
  • A legal or tax hold applies to your personal data


Last updated: 
25 Sep 2019