LINQ II for Device Follow-Up Clinics


The LINQ II™ insertable cardiac monitoring system is the world’s most accurate ICM,1-4 personalized for the patient’s lifestyle and customized for the clinician’s workflow.

Find Training for Device Follow-up Clinicians on Medtronic Academy

Designed for healthcare professionals involved at device follow-up, the training resources on the LINQ II Overview and Training Page introduce you to the LINQ II ICM, its key design changes, and recommended workflows for patient management. 

  • Meet LINQ II Product Brochure
  • LINQ II Detection Enhancements Course
  • Remote Monitoring Your LINQ II Patients Course
  • Managing Your LINQ II Patients on the CareLink Network Course

If you are new to Medtronic Academy please register for an account to access LINQ II training for insertion and device follow-up and a wide selection of other training materials.


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Last updated: 
05 Jun 2020