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Thank you for your interest in His-bundle Pacing (HBP) and the SelectSecure ™ MRI SureScan™ 3830 pacing lead. Please select and expand the sections below to to view training videos, product information, and insights from His-bundle pacing experts.

NEW - Procedure Videos and Learning Plan

To view our four new videos from the His-bundle Pacing Virtual Proctorship, expand the section below called "HBP PROCEDURE VIDEOS." The new HBP LEARNING PLAN is also included below and provides a curriculum pathway for education.


This video is a recording of a live streamed His-bundle pacing implant in partnership with Drs.Eric Crespo and Steven Zweibel at Hartford Hospital and Dr. Gopi Dandamudi as the moderator. The video includes:

  • patient case history...

Welcome to the His-bundle Pacing Overview learning plan! This curriculum covers:

  • His-bundle pacing basics including anatomy, physiology, interval measurements, potential benefits/risks, and the differences between selective and non-...


His-bundle Pacing: Tell Me More

61 Minutes

This Global Grand Rounds features an in-depth discussion of His-bundle pacing with Drs. Kenneth Ellenbogen, Gopi Dandamudi, Pugazhendhi Vijayaraman, and Daniel Lustgarten. They share their experiences with His-bundle pacing, their clinical results (both acute and chronic), and their criteria for selecting patients for His-bundle pacing lead implantation.

GGR-His Bundle Train w Experts-540p-101316-

His-Bundle Pacing: Training with the Experts

56 Minutes

This Global Grand Rounds program includes a deep dive into lead placement for HBP with experts Drs. Pugazhendhi Vijayaraman and Gopi Dandamudi. They cover their lead implant procedure, tips and techniques for HBP, and answers to frequently asked questions.

His-Bundle Pacing Overview Learning Plan

This learning plan consists of three interactive modules covering:

  • anatomy, physiology, and interval measurements
  • potential benefits and risks of HBP
  • procedure steps
  • differences between selective and non-selective pacing capture
  • follow-up and troubleshooting

The modules are in a PDF format that includes videos and can be downloaded for viewing and training purposes.

Select the learning plan button to begin.

SelectSecure™ MRI SureScan™ 3830 Lead

The Model 3830 MRI lead  is a steroid eluting, bipolar, implantable non-retractable screw-in, catheter delivered, transvenous lead.  According to our Product Performance Report, the model 3830 has 97.5% survival at 78 months with active monitoring.


  • Lumenless lead body
  • 1.4 mm (4.1 Fr) outer diameter
  • Dual insulation with Polyurethane (outer), Silcone and ETFE (inner)
  • Steroid eluting with beclomethasone dipropionate
  • 1.8 mm helix length
  • 9 mm Tip-to-ring Spacing
  • Available in 59, 69, and 74 cm lengths

C315HIS Catheter

Designed for placement of the 3830 lead in the Bundle of His

  • Small – compatible with a 7 Fr introducer
  • Simple – simplified procedure* with the catheter's integrated valve and fixed shape
  • Targeted – designed to deliver a lead to specific locations, including the His bundle


  • Length 43 cm
  • Outer Diameter 7.0 Fr
  • Inner Diameter 5.4 Fr 
  • In-line hub, with integrated hemostatic valve
  • Hydrophilic coating on inner catheter surface
  • Radiopaque tip

*When compared to the C304 catheter

Note: For His-bundle implantation, the C315HIS requires the use of the 3830-69cm pacing lead


C304 Deflectable Catheter

Steerable technology platform for targeted placement

Braided catheter shaft - designed to lower the possibility of kinking

Variable stiffness -  stiff shaft for lead delivery, with a soft tip


  • Available in two sizes - 30cm (C304-S59), 40cm (C304-L69)
  • Outer Diameter 8.4 French
  • Inner Diameter 5.7 French
  • Reach 27mm (C304-S59), 44mm (C304-L69)
  • Kit includes catheter, dilator, slitter, guidewire, syringe and introducer needle


Case Study

6:34 Minutes

His-bundle pacing case study recording courtesy of Drs. Pugazhendhi Vijayaraman. Recording presented without sound.

Drs. Pugazhendhi Vijayaraman
Director of Electrophysiology,
Dept. of Cardiology &
Interventional Cardiology,
Geisinger Wyoming Valley
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania - USA


HIS-Bundle Pacing Overview Tutorial [PDF]
How to Perform His-bundle Pacing Overview Presentation [PDF]
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05 Apr 2018