Heart Failure Treatment Courses: English, Spanish, French, and German

Explore the four courses shown below to learn about heart failure, heart failure treatment strategies, CRT device diagnostics, and CRT programming. To access the French, German, and Spanish translations for these courses, use the dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of this page.*



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This is course for healthcare professionals (HCPs) who want to establish a foundational understanding of what is heart failure. This course will provide a high level overview of the following topics.

  • Symptoms of Heart Failure
  • Compensatory Mechanisms of Heart Failure...
This course has been developed for health care professionals who want a foundational level of knowledge of the treatment strategies for heart failure patients. This course covers heart failure treatment guidelines, categories of heart failure treatment, and case study practice.
In this course you'll learn about the different heart failure management strategies and the importance and significance of the diagnostic trends. This course will illustrate how the diagnostic trends provide clinically relevant information for the device patient and show you where and how the...
The loss of CRT pacing may influence a patient’s response to cardiac resynchronization therapy. In this course, you'll learn about some of the common causes for the loss of CRT pacing, and the features in Medtronic CRT devices that may help improve the delivery of CRT.
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01 Aug 2019