Finding Course Certifications

Online Course Certificates

This page tells you how to find certificates for the courses you have completed on Medtronic Academy. It also provides troubleshooting instructions to use if you complete a course and the certificate does not generate. 

If you continue to experience issues after troubleshooting, please fill out the form below to request assistance — or email us at

Symposia Certificates

If you attended a live course and need to request a certificate, please contact your Medtronic representative – or call the Medtronic program manager listed in the confirmation email you received after registering for the program. 


Finding Your Certificates

Finding your certificates is one click away from wherever you are on Medtronic Academy. Once logged in, simply navigate to the top right part of your browser window and click "MY DASHBOARD" under your name.

Once there, you will see a table that lists:

  • Titles of the courses you have started
  • Course completion status
  • Course start dates
  • Course completion dates
  • Your certificates
  • Contact Hours associated with the courses, if applicable (contact hours are available to allied professionals in the United States)

To access your certificate, click on the certificate icon within the table. A PDF will generate. 

Contact Hour Certificates for US Allied Professionals

If a course offers contact hours (available to allied professionals in the United States), your dashboard will show two certificates upon completion of the course. The first icon is a completion certificate, and the second icon provides the contact hours certificate. Click the icon to generate a PDF that you can save to your computer. 


If you completed a course but it is not showing as complete in your Dashboard, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Log in from the browser Google Chrome or Firefox; these browsers work best for our courses.

2. Work from a desktop or laptop computer (our courses do not always function properly on mobile or tablet).

3. Click the final button at the end of the course to move it to completion - it might say "Exit" for example.

4. Clear your browser history. To do this from Chrome, log out of Medtronic Academy and open a fresh window. Click the three vertical dots at the top right of your Chrome screen to bring up the Chrome menu, and then Select HISTORY > CLEAR BROWSING DATA. After clearing the history, re-open Medtronic Academy and log in. Go to your dashboard and check to see if the certificate has generated. If it has not, wait a couple days to see if your dashboard syncs with our education system database.

If your course completion still has not updated, fill out the form below or email us at and include the URL for the course at issue.

Please complete this form to request assistance on a certificate or course completion issue from the Medtronic Academy Team.


Provide the full course name or the web address for the page where the course is found.
For Example: Windows desktop, MAC, iPad, or Android
Provide details such as a description of your issue/inquiry and the URL for the page you are inquiring about.
Capture your Site Issue
If you are able to include a screen capture of any error messages or problems you encounter with registration, login, or on the site, they can help us to more quickly troubleshoot and resolve your issue. Please upload using the upload field below.

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Last updated: 
12 Dec 2019