Tracking Check for Micra AV

The Micra™ AV Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS) Tracking Check feature is designed to prevent prolonged periods of oversensing. During consistent atrial sensing at the Tracking Check Rate, the device automatically extends PVARP to check for tracking of the correct physiologic signal.

This feature can be found in Micra™ AV Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS). Please go to or consult with your local Medtronic representative regarding device models available in your geography.

Tracking Check is nominally programmed On with a programmable Tracking Check Rate value, nominally 100 bpm. Tracking Check is available in the programmed VDD mode and functions when the device is operating in the VDD mode.



To program this feature, go to Params -> Atrial Parameters -> Tracking Check.

Tracking Check may fire when atrial oversensing of the A3 signal or mechanical noise causes pacing above the patient’s sinus rate. Tracking Check identifies a potential oversensing-induced tachycardia  then extends PVARP. Tracking Check estimates the expected location of the next Atrial Mechanical Sensed (AM) event as if the device had been tracking the patient’s sinus rate. If the next AM event falls within that window, the appropriate sinus tracking is confirmed, and the device returns to normal VDD operation for approximately 1.5 min. If the next AM event falls outside of that window, then oversensing-induced tachycardia is confirmed, and Tracking Check maintains the extended PVARP for approximately 40 seconds.

  1. AM-VP rhythm at or above Tracking Check Rate. PVARP operating at programmed PVARP value.
  2. After the median ventricular rate reaches Tracking Check Rate, Tracking Check extends PVARP so that the next atrial mechanical sense falls in the next refractory period.
  3. Tracking Check estimates the location of the next AM event if the device had been tracking the patient’s sinus rate.
  4. The next AM falls in the expected range, appropriate tracking is confirmed, and PVARP is returned to its programmed PVARP value.



Micra™ AV MC1AVR1, Reference Manual

Last updated: 
23 Jan 2020