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Our training programs have been developed to provide healthcare professionals the opportunity to improve their clinical performance, optimise patient outcomes and enhance their hospital efficiency. Medtronic provides a continuous educational partnership and realistic hands-on training to accelerate the development of the health care professional's skills. In these interactive courses, learners develop their skills through practicing clinical tasks and overcoming challenges which supports immediate transfer of their enhanced skills into daily activities.



Implant Skills Builder

Participants in the Implant Skills Builder program can first develop fundamental device implant skills in a virtual environment coached by experienced implanters. Next, participants can progress to Live Implants with Experts, where, in selected centres of excellence, they can perform patient implants under supervision.

Implant Skills Builder: Two day course held in Tolochenaz, CH

Live Implants With Experts: Five day course held in selected centres of excellence

  • Ideal participants in these programs will have limited cardiac device implant experience and would like to develop their implanting skills.


Building Skills for Cardiac Resynchronization (CRT) Success

Participants can expand their clinical skills along the whole CRT patient care pathway in the virtual CRT hospital and virtual outpatient clinic. Through advanced simulation technologies and expert coaching in the Virtual CRT Hospital learners will follow their virtual patients along the entire clinical journey, from patient selection to CRT implant, discharge and remote monitoring. In the CRT Follow-Up Clinic , participants will focus on  therapy optimization for heart failure patients implanted with a CRT device.


Virtual CRT Hospital: Two day course held in Tolochenaz, CH

  • Ideal for pacemaker/ICD implanters with limited experience in CRT implants

CRT Follow-up Clinic: Two day course held in Tolochenaz, CH

  • Ideal for healthcare professionals with at least 6 months experience actively participating in cardiac device troubleshooting clinics 


Participants in this blended learning program will be offered in person, online, and virtual classroom education opportunities. This program, over the course of one year, will cover patient selection, foundation device concepts, foundation device troubleshooting skills and device programming optimisation. 

  • Online and virtual classroom attendance is required in this program as well as two face to face courses held in Tolochenaz, CH
  • Ideal participants in this program are physicians seeking to pursue a career in devices and who are able to commit to 1-2 hours of study a week over the duration of the program.