Course Recertification: Update My Completion Certificate

This page explains how to update a course completion certificate with a new date. Please note the following:

  • Not all courses on Medtronic Academy are available for recertification. Please read the instructions below.
  • You can retake any course – but the certificate will only update if the course is available for recertification and you follow the steps below.
  • Contact hour certificates (available to US allied professionals) cannot be updated due to restrictions from the accrediting agencies. When you retake a course for recertification, only your completion certificate will update. 

If you experience issues or still have questions after following the steps below, fill out the form below.

Recertification Instructions:

If a course is set up for recertification, you will see this pop-up when you launch a course to re-take it:

  • If you choose "RETAIN my current completion certificate," you will be reviewing the course only and will not receive an updated completion certificate.
  • If you choose to "DELETE my current completion certificate and reset my course," your previous completion certificate will be removed from Medtronic Academy. If you retake the course after deleting your certificate, an updated completion certificate will generate with the new date. For your records, we encourage you to download your original certificate before proceeding with the DELETE option.
  • Contact hours certificates (available to US allied professionals) will NOT update. If a course offers contact hours, your dashboard will show two certificates. Select the completion certificate to see the new date.

If you would like to inquire about recertification for a course that does not currently offer it on Academy, please fill out the form below. For instructions on how to use MY DASHBOARD on Medtronic Academy, follow the link below. 

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Course Recertification Questions

Please complete this form to request assistance or provide feedback to the Medtronic Academy Team.


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Capture Your Recertification Issue

If you are able to include a screen capture of any error messages or problems you encounter with recertification, it can help us to more quickly troubleshoot and resolve your issue. Please upload using the upload field below.

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29 Apr 2020