Course Function Issues

Courses on Medtronic Academy

Visit our Course Library to find eLearns organized by topic, or Learning Plans to find curriculum pathways for a variety of topics. We also offer a Core Curriculum of PowerPoint presentations, and you can search courses by topic using the filters on our Advanced Search Page. 

Having issues completing a course using a mobile device?

Some courses are not optimal for mobile use, so they may need to be completed using a computer.  

Having issues with audio in a course?

  • First, ensure your audio and speakers are working using other applications (YouTube, Pandora, or other Websites that have audio/video).
  • If there is no audio with any application, it is most likely an issue outside of our website.
  • If audio is present using other applications, but not with a course from our website, ensure that the volume in the course is turned up using the navigation buttons in the course, as seen in the images below. 


*Please note that some courses my not include audio. 

What if my course isn’t showing complete?

In order for a course to be marked complete, all content presented in the courses must be reviewed and if applicable, all knowledge check questions must be answered. The webpage may need to be refreshed after you’ve exited a course for the status of the course to be updated. Also, some courses are not optimal for mobile use, so they may need to be completed using a computer.

If a course you have taken is still not showing as complete, please visit our Course Completion Issues page.  


Do you have feedback or questions about a course?

Complete the feedback form if you have questions or concerns about a course.  We value your input and opinions!  Contact Us for additional information.

Last updated: 
07 Feb 2020