Course Completion Issues

Have you finished a course on Medtronic Academy, but the course will not move to completion and no certificate has generated? This page provides troubleshooting steps that may fix the issue. If these steps do not resolve your issue, please fill out the form below. 

  1. Log in using the web browser Google Chrome or Firefox. These browsers work best for our courses.
  2. Work from a desktop or laptop computer. Our courses may not always function properly on mobile or tablet. 
  3. Click the final button at the end of the course to move it to completion. It might say "Exit," for example.
  4. If a course still does not move to completion, clear your browser history. To do this from Google Chrome, log out of Medtronic Academy and open a fresh window. Click the three vertical dots at the top right of your Chrome screen to bring up the Chrome menu, and then Select HISTORY > CLEAR BROWSING DATA. After clearing the history, re-open Medtronic Academy and log in. Go to your dashboard and check to see if the certificate has generated. If it has not, wait a couple days to see if your dashboard syncs with our education system database.

If your course completion still has not updated after trying these steps, fill out the form below or email an inquiry to Please include the full course name and the URL (web address) for the course at issue.

Last updated: 
04 Dec 2019