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CRHF Technical Services

Cardiac Rhythm and Heart Failure (CRHF) Technical Services provides 24/7 technical support to U.S. physicians and allied health professionals on Medtronic implanted pacemakers, ICDs, and heart failure resynchronization devices.

We optimize our customer’s experience by providing Best in Class technical & informational support for CRHF devices, therapies, remote monitoring and applications. As of 2012 we are also providing support for the CareLink Express® Services.

Contact Technical Services in the US:

Bradyarrhythmia Products (including CRT-P):
Reveal® ILR/ICM Products:
Tachyarrhythmia Products (including CRT-D):
Instruments (e.g. EPGs, Programmers, EP Systems):
Paceart® System:
Medtronic CareLink® Network:
Medtronic CareLink Express® Service:



FAX:   800-824-2362
E-Mail:   (for US Customers only)


International Technical Services

Technical Services support is available in the following geographical areas outside the United States. If you are in a region without a technical services support line that is listed below, please contact your local Medtronic representative with questions.

Technical Services in Australia and New Zealand



Technical Services in Europe

+31 (0)45 566-8844

Technical Support International West
Heerlen, the Netherlands


Technical Services in Japan


Technical Support Japan
Tokyo, Japan

Websites by Language

Medtronic has more than forty-two corporate websites in 23 different languages.
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Arabic Medtronic Mediterranean SAL (Middle East, North Africa & South Asia)
Czech Medtronic Czechia s.r.o.
Chinese Medtronic China
Medtronic Hong Kong
Medtronic Taiwan 
Danish Medtronic Danmark A/S
Dutch Medtronic Belgium S.A.
Medtronic Trading NL B.V. Nederland
English India Medtronic Pvt Ltd.
Medtronic Adriatic Region (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia)
Medtronic Australasia
Medtronic Canada
Medtronic Europe
Medtronic Ireland
Medtronic South Africa
Medtronic Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Medtronic, Inc. (U.S.A.)
Finnish Medtronic Finland Oy
French Medtronic Belgium
Medtronic Canada
Medtronic France SAS
Medtronic Suisse SA
German Medtronic Österreich GmbH
Medtronic Deutschland GmbH
Medtronic Schweiz AG
Greek Medtronic Greece
Hebrew Medtronic Israel
Hungarian Medtronic Hungária Kft.
Italian Medtronic Italia S.p.A.
Japanese Medtronic Japan Co., Ltd.
Korean Medtronic Korea Co., Ltd.
Norwegian Medtronic Norge AS
Polish Medtronic Poland Sp.z.o.o.
Portuguese Medtronic Brasil
Medtronic Portugal
Russian Medtronic россия (Russia)
Slovak Medtronic Slovenská Republika o.z.
Spanish Medtronic Andina (Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela)
Medtronic Cono Sur (Bolivia, Chile, Paraquay, Uruguay)
Medtronic México
Medtronic Espana S.A.
Swedish Medtronic AB (Sverige)
Turkish Medtronic Medikal Teknoloji Ticaret Ltd. Sti. (Turkey)

To meet the needs of our patients and partners around the globe, Medtronic operates in more than 140 countries worldwide with more than 260 locations.

World Headquarters

710 Medtronic Parkway    
Mailstop L100
Minneapolis, MN 55432-5604
Phone: (763) 514-4000
Toll-free: (800) 633-8766

Please visit our corporate website to find the complete list of locations.

Last updated: 
17 Apr 2020